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USD 50.00 per 6 months

This level of membership was designed for friends of Black Nurses Rock who are not nurses, but would like to support and share information from the BNR membership community. Member benefits include discounted rates to all BNR events and access to the membership portal.

one year for USD 125.00

To encourage networking and support between black nurse practitioners throughout the nation. Serve as a resource for nurse practitioners, their patients, community, and stakeholders. Promote excellence in practice, education, policy and research.

one year for USD 100.00

This level is for LPN, RN, and NPs, MSN, and CRNA. Provide support and mentoring to fellow nurses with a cadre of training, webinars, and certifications to keep our members fresh and ahead of fellow nurses. Training includes: resume building, study tips for certifications, etc.

one year for USD 100.00

Support to nurses who want to become professionally paid speakers, authors, etc. and provide guidance and support, with assistance to creating beautiful presentations, speeches, and branding. BNR joins RNM Marketing to ensure nurses have tools from contracts to management team to promotion nationwide.

one year for USD 100.00

Support and training provided to nurses who want to go into business for themselves, provides assistance on starting your own business, webinars for LLCs, tax write-offs, support groups for entrepreneur nurses and those interested. Partnership with RNM Marketing will help nurses with website design, logos, and affordable marketing packages to include business card design, flyers, banners, and more.

one year for USD 100.00

Support to military nurses across each corps. Assistance with award writing, OPR and Feedback reports, mentorship available. Resource sharing also available.

one year for USD 100.00

Support and assistance with grant writing, completing 501c3 applications, fiscal management, board development training, and project management. Eligible nurses can apply for grants under the Black Nurses Rock Foundation when available.

one year for USD 100.00

A forum for nurse educators, professors, and instructors to provide a supportive environment to increase black nurses into higher education and improve diversity with universities and colleges.

one year for USD 100.00

Support for student nurses to include tutoring, writing assistance, mentorship opportunities, and more. Recruit and Retain successful students, of all levels, within the field of nursing.

one year for USD 100.00

For the nurse who is looking for her 2nd career and/or volunteer opportunities to keep her within the realm of nursing.

one year for USD 100.00

Lifetime memberships offer a 50% discount on event registration, 35% merchandise, and recognition on the BNR website.

Lifetime Membership for USD 1000.00

No Membership Fee Refunds

Due to revealing of special discount codes and links access upon new membership, Black Nurses Rock has a no refund policy for all membership. However, you may choose not to renew or cancel your membership at anytime. To cancel, contact our office by phone or by email at membership@blacknursesrock.net